We carefully select top quality ingredients, while prioritizing local sourcing and promoting the local economy.



Because we believe in respecting artisanal know-how, the breads of the Classic Collection have benefited from a long period of fermentation, allowing the development of flavors and aromas and giving our baked delicacies a honeycomb texture. Baking on the hearth also provides an irresistible crispy crust. The basis of a good artisan style bread!



Breads and pastries: a world of flavors. Like the Classique collection, the breads in the Origine collection have benefited from a long period of fermentation and stone deck baking. Our bakers have also added our artisan-style sourdough, providing a unique taste signature to all of the collection’s exclusive recipes. As for our tasty pastries, whether you love their rich flavors or their refined textures, all are made from top quality ingredients. To be enjoyed alone or with friends during your little gourmet rituals.

More than 60 years
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Discover the great moments of our history. Our know-how has made its mark since 1956 thanks to a tradition of excellence and knowledge passed down from one generation to the next.

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