Our Artisanal

Our Artisanal Method

Our Bakers

Every morning, our bakers get up to work with passion to create breads and pastries according to the rules of the Art. Working together towards the same goal, they proudly offer you exceptional products day after day.

Our Artisanal Method

Our Premium

Only the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients are used in our products. We prioritize national sourcing for our manufacturing products, including our butter and flour.

Moreover, our butter, rich in taste, gives our pastries their airy crumb, their soft and melting texture as well as a touch of finesse. It also enhances the flavors of delicious home-style, preservative-free toppings crafted by our experts.

Our Artisanal Method

Our Artisan-style

Our artisan-style sourdough, prepared by our bakers, gives our breads a unique taste that has charmed our customers for decades. The sourdough starter, made more than 20 years ago and maintained ever since, is one of our most precious treasures.

Our Artisanal Method

Our Stone
Deck Baking

Our stone deck baking allows our breads to obtain a crunchy crust for an artisan-style bread quality. This type of cooking allows us to obtain an even distribution of heat and to cook our products evenly, resulting in perfectly delicious breads.

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