Our Croissant Loaf


Converting croissants into a convenient, pre-sliced loaf to offer even more versatility to everyone. Eat it fresh with butter or jam, toast it or make it into the perfect sandwich! Unique with its 100% butter croissant dough, flaky with a melt in your mouth texture, it will quickly become a breakfast winner and a must for a gourmet lunch!

Weight 425g

Ingredients: Unbleached enriched flour, Water, Butter, Sugar, Yeast, Whole milk powder, Salt, White vinegar, Wheat gluten, Cultured Wheat Flour, Devitalized wheat sourdough, Ascorbic acid, Food enzymes (xylanase, amylase)

Contains: Wheat, Milk. May contain: Tree nuts, Eggs, Soy, Sesame.

Nutrional facts

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